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How to Clear Image Cache on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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We all have lots of images generated in our daily use. Some Android users are complaining that their Android gets slower and slower after using for few years. I can't make it definitely sure that it is the images that slow down our Android phone. But, I should say that, image cache on your Android is one of these reasons that will lead to the delay of your Android. So why not try to clear image cache on Android with Root Explorer, you can download it from Google Play.

How to Clear Images Cache on Android Phone/Tablet

Step 1. Check Size of Image Thumbnails on Your Android
Launch Root Explorer on your Android phone/tablet after the installation. Then, go to "Storage" > "DCIM". Here you will find a folder named ".thumbnails", long press on it till there pops up an option list. Tap on "Properties" which will show you the size of the photo thumbnail folder. The folder size might reach 1 GB and even more if there are lots of photos on your Android.
Check Storage of Android Thumbnails
Another Samsung phone of mine which has been in used for 2 years, has over 2,800 photos in it. And the folder is shown 6 GB, which makes me shocked when I first know that. So, it will be helpful to free up our Android photo caches and make our Android works smoother. I believe you can't wait to know how to clear the Android photo cache, isn't it?

Step 2. Delete Thumbnails Folder with Android Root Explorer
Go back to "Storage" > "DCIM" to find ".thumbnails". Then, tick the box next to the folder and tap on the trash bin icon to delete it.
Delete Thumbnails Folder on Android
Step 3. Add Thumbnails File on your Android
Now, you've come to the final step. Just tap on "+" icon from the bottom and there will pop up an optional list. Choose "File" to add a new file and name it ".thumbnails" and tap on "OK" to finish this.
Add Thumbnails File on Android
Note: Two things that you should pay attention to are:
1. Remember that we are going to add a new file, not folder.
2. Keep it in mind to add "." at the beginning of the file name.

That's it. You will find it a simple method to clear Android image cache. This will ease the delay issue for your Android phone/tablet to some extent. If this still doesn't help. Why not transfer and backup Android photos to computer or cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox or AirDroid and delete them from your Android.

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