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Keep Subway Surfers Record to New Samsung Phone

Athryn Mitchell

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It will be a pity if the game record, for example Subway Surfers, is gone, because it means we have to start over again. Here's the good news: Even if you want to use a new Samsung phone, you can keep Subway Surfers and more game record on Samsung with you. You just need a little help from the excellent app data transfer software, Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a useful data transfer program which is not only good at transferring different data types like contacts, messages, photos, videos and more but also good at transferring app data and game data. Just make sure that your Samsung device runs OS including Android 2.3 to Android 6.0, no matter it is the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/Note 3 or the latest Galaxy S7 Edge+/S7 Edge/S7/A9/A7/A5/On 7/On 5, etc.
Phone Transfer - transfer Subway Surfers record between Samsung devices

It is glad to hear that Phone Transfer can help transfer game record, scores and more app data from one Samsung to another with simply three steps.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer on PC
Download and install Phone Transfer on PC and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" in the interface.
Transfer Subway Surfers Record to Samsung
Step 2 Connect Both Android to PC
After that, you will be asked to connect both your Android to the computer. Make sure that your old Samsung is listed in the left as a source phone and the new one on the right. If they are not on the right place, click on "Flip".
Transfer Subway Surfers Record between Samsung
Step 3 Transfer Subway Surfers from Samsung to Samsung
Now, after both your Samsung phones are connected, you can choose the data types you want to transfer to your new Samsung phone. In the middle of the interface, you will see the supported data types. Just tick "App Data (Root)" and then "Start Transfer".
Copy Subway Surfers Record from Samsung to Samsung
Note: If you've rooted your Samsung phone before, Phone Transfer can directly transfer game record for you. If you have never done root on your Android, Phone Transfer will temporarily root your Android before the transfer and remove it after finishing transferring. Just hit on "Confirm" on the pop up interface.

That's the three simple steps to transfer Subway Surfers from Samsung to Samsung. With these steps, WhatsApp data, Twitter files, Facebook Messages, and more app data can be transferred from Samsung to Samsung. To know more about what Phone Transfer can help, you'd better download one on your computer and try it on your own.

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