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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes with Ease

Athryn Mitchell

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If you are considerate, you could find out that iPod option had been removed from the home page of Apple website, and music replaces it. That does not mean that iPod is not so important. As the carrier of music, iPod turns on its charm and closely associated with iTunes in music management. In some extents, we can think that music is what iPod shuffle/nano/classic/touch serves for. Want to save music from iPod to computer/iTunes or transfer songs from iTunes to iPod? You can not execute this issue directly without anything but TunesGo can let you switch iOS songs to iTunes easily.

TunesGo is contributed to managing music data on iPhone/iPad/iPod with iOS 5 or later and Android devices with Android 2.1 or later. Music, involving MP3, MPEG, WMA file, is supported to migrate from iPod to iTunes with ease. Besides, to download YouTube Music to iTunes is also a powerful feature of TunesGo, so why not come to have a try such a mighty program.

TunesGo - professional music manager

Music can be moved and enjoyed easily thanks to TunesGo. It enables users to transfer music between iOS and iTunes, copy playlist/songs between Android and iTunes, delete duplicate songs, etc.

Step 1 Launch TunesGo on Computer
Install this program and connect your iPod to computer. It will cost some times to scan your iDevice data until the following screen comes.
Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes
Note: iTunes has to be installed at the same time. Otherwise, TunesGo cannot work.

Step 2 Move Songs to iTunes
Click the name of iPod on the left and choose "Copy Music from Device to iTunes" so that it will scan all iDevice music files after choosing "Start". Then, tick certain files and click "Copy to iTunes".
Move Songs to iTunes
It permits users to transfer selective music to iTunes, also. Scroll down to "Music" under the device tab and tick some songs to click "Export to" > "Export to iTunes Library".
Export Music from iPod to iTunes
Step 3 Check the Result
Move to the "Download" icon on the right bottom to view whether the transferring is over or not.
Check Transferred Music
What a swift way it is to move your iOS songs to iTunes! With the same method, you're allowed to copy songs from iPad to iTunes or switch iDevice playlist to iTunes simply. What's more, it is possible to enjoy the music and movie on TunesGo if launching it.

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