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Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes Easily

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I got a new laptop and I still have my music on my iPhone but since my iTunes library is empty I want my music to sync. But I can't figure it out. HELP ME! (ps: my laptop with win 10 and iPhone is i6)
As we know, window has been updated to win 10, but you don't need to worry. No matter which window operating system and iOS you are using, to transfer iPhone music to iTunes is possible if you hire a suitable method. Actually, moving iPhone music to iTunes or computer can be regarded as doing backup for music lest you lose lovely songs and the purchased music.

To achieve the goal of transporting iOS music to iTunes, TunesGo focuses on this aspect. It aims to make you enjoy your music everywhere, so it gives direction to copy music between Devices and iTunes, including iOS and Android devices. In addition, it also serves for backing up, deleting, converting and de-duplicate songs.
TunesGo - an expert in music management

With the help of TunesGo, you can move your music from iPhone to iTunes. Download and try to sync the songs.

Step 1 Download TunesGo on PC
When searching this software from internet or introduced to this website, just download and install it. Then, connect iDevice to PC to wait for the screen below.
Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes with TunesGo
Step 2 Copy Songs to iTunes
Switch All Music from A Folder
Click "Copy Music from Device to iTunes" and "Start" to scan your music files with this app. You're allowed to select entire library in the following interface and press "Transfer".
Switch All Music from A Folder
Note: If your device can not save all the data, you will be informed as the pop-up above shown. You can click "Selected playlists" to choose some of them to move.

Copy Selective Songs Only
Alternatively, there is the other way to transfer only one or more than one songs to iTunes. Go to the name of your device on the left sidebar to select "Music" under your iDevice's name. When you view the list of songs, choose the desired files to click "Export to iTunes Library".
Copy Selective Song
Step 3 Finish Exporting Music
The next interface will tell you whether it is over. Anything is done with pressing "OK".
Finish Exporting Music
Note: A "Download" button exists on the right bottom corner, with which you could see the progress bar of the coping.

So convenient it is that you could move lots of iOS or Android media data in/out of iTunes library. As you can see, this app works with iTunes, so putting iTunes app on your computer/Mac is needed. If you are not so delighted this app or would like to transfer more types of contents on iPhone, iOS Transfer may satisfy your need.

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